Eunice Michieka

EUNICE MICHIEKA is a first-year student from Johnson City, TN. She currently lives in Apley Court, which she finds convenient because of its easy access to Tasty Burger. She is considering concentrating in Economics or African American studies. Outside of IDENTITIES, she is also a member of the Association of Black Harvard Women. In her spare time, you can find her at sporting events or socializing in Annenberg for the entire duration of dinner in order to avoid doing her psets. She enjoys all aspects of fashion and especially likes to keep up the latest street style through Tumblr and

Cengiz Cemaloglu

CENGIZ CEMALOGLU is a sophomore in Currier House, concentrating in Government and Anthropology, with a secondary in Economics and a citation in Chinese. Having grown up in Baku, Azerbaijan; Istanbul, Turkey; and Hong Kong, Cengiz developed his early interest in fashion through a elementary school project that compared different traditional clothing styles of different countries. With hopes of pursuing simultaneous global careers in the business-side of the creative industry and in politics, Cengiz has worked and consulted for a couple entertainment start-ups in the past few years like Reality Theatre Co., the Collegiate Club, and Mt. Auburn Productions of HSA.

Magaly Gutierrez

Magaly Gutierrez is a sophomore in Cabot House concentrating in Chemistry with a secondary in Computer Science. In her free time she can be found attempting to work on an art project, taking a walk through Cambridge, or hanging out with her friends while wearing a onesie.  The only thing she loves more than chemistry and chocolate is a nice cup of dark coffee so it is very rare to find her caffeine-free after 9:00 am. As part of the publicity board for Identities, Magaly is in charge of monitoring the official  website so refer to her with any suggestions.