Claudia Laurie

CLAUDIA LAURIE is a Sophomore in Leverett House studying Economics and History of Art and Architecture. She is originally from Sydney but now identifies as a New Yorker. Claudia dreams of working in business management in the fashion industry. Currently, Claudia is working on a retailing and design project that consists of developing a jacket marketed towards the Harvard community. Inspired by Asian design, Claudia also eventually hopes to bring up-and-coming Beijing designers to the American market. Claudia was a co-director of the women’s fashion segment at last year’s IDENTITIES show and is now the Creative Director and an Executive

Monika Piascik

MONIKA PIASCIK is a member of the Finance Board and a sophomore in Quincy House. She is concentrating in Government, with a focus on post-Communist democracies and economies. Her interest in the business side of fashion emerged when she observed familiar brands flood into her own post-Communist country. Born in Poland and having lived in Massachusetts for most of her life, she is an advocate of dressing for yourself, not for the weather. On campus, she can be found baking 80 cinnamon rolls for her PAFees or pitching to companies in an effort to become a less approachable Miranda Priestly.

Irene Nicolae

IRENE NICOLAE grew up in Topeka, Kansas, and was that weird kid in school who wore matching shirt/pants sets and was obsessed with early hominid evolution and Moby Dick. Thankfully, she discovered Miu Miu’s Spring 2010 collection while she was surfin’ the ’net, and became spiritually enlightened by the possibility of an aesthetic existence. She currently studies Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology, but her hobbies include trying to define sublimity in Postmodern literature, contemplating the Fluxus movement, and other stuff like that.

Caroline Ashford

CAROLINE ASHFORD is a sophomore concentrating in Government with a secondary history of Art and Architecture. Caroline’s love of fashion, art, and music came from a very young age and over the past three summers she has worked under head-designer Stephanie Von Watzdorf at FIGUE Studio’s in Chelsea, New York City. Additionally, Caroline went to Scratch Academy, a DJ summer program founded by Run-DMC where she got to explore her passion for making and mixing music. On campus, Caroline is on the financial board of the IDENTITIES Fashion show, is part of the Harvard Women’s Lacrosse team and is also

Tyler Frances

TYLER FRANCES is a sophomore concentrating in Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Economics. He hails from sunny San Diego, but has come to love Boston winters and the myriad layering opportunities they afford. A self-confessed cardio addict, Tyler keeps it tight with SoulCycle, green juices, and endless hours on the elliptical. With a pathological fear of pastels and basketball shorts, he can frequently be spotted around campus sporting leather and last night’s flash tats. He is excited to explore his love of fashion by joining the IDENTITIES finance board this year.

Laura Chang

With a perfect view of NYC from her side of the Hudson, LAURA CHANG is a sophomore in Kirkland House who’s bad at pretending like she knows what she’s doing. Being on the lookout for the perfect tea sandwich, bucket-list experiences and hole-in-the-wall restaurants are her jam. You can usually find her trying to escape the Harvard Bubble, roaming somewhere around the Charles, staring at stem cells in lab, or sleeping in public spaces. Monuments will be erected when her closet comes anywhere close to resembling her chic daydreams, but until then, she’ll stick with her florals and summer pastels.