Nina Luo

NINA LUO is a junior concentrating in applied math for nebulous reasons, desperately trying to maintain her connection to the arts post-STEM choice. She loves making sculptures and installations that are too large to fit through doors and have to be thrown away. Please make her feel non-rejected when she says “Let’s be best friends.” She’s just a small town girl trying to make it in Cambridge.


SNEAK PREVIEW OF SOME OF THE DESIGNERS WE WILL BE FEATURING THIS YEAR… Welcome to the new IDENTITIES website! While we’re still working on the new look, we’re excited to be up and running again! Check us out on Facebook or Instagram to see pictures of last years show!

Tallulah Axinn

TALLULAH AXINN is a sophomore in Winthrop House concentrating in Applied Math. She grew up in San Francisco, CA which taught her how to layer and love jackets that don’t actually keep you warm. She is a fan of all things fur, with her most recent purchase being a fur hat that her mom described as “a good buy”. She was a member of IDENTITIES Finance Board last year and is excited to be involved again as an Executive Producer for the Production Board.

Gretty Garcia

GRETTY GARCIA is a native New Yorker who has always been interested in style and writing. She is currently on the Creative Board for Identities and is excited about helping to put together the show this spring. Additionally, she is a sophomore in Cabot House who is concentrating in History of Art and Architecture. Another one of the various extracurricular activities that she is involved with is Eleganza with a position on their Finance Board.

Claire Lee

New Yorker CLAIRE LEE is currently a sophomore in Adams House concentrating in English and a member of the IDENTITIES Creative Board. Now no longer required to wear her high school uniform of a plaid kilt, Claire’s new style uniform consists of neutrals and all black. She likes to think of her personal style as muted, modern, and minimalist, with a penchant for leather and black, and her favorite brands include Sandro, Saint Laurent, and Zara. In her free time Claire can be found browsing The Blonde Salad, playing squash, and reading Bloomberg Business. Her current sartorial obsessions include oversized coats, suede OTK boots, and tailored menswear.

Our Mission

Focusing on bringing contemporary clothing to the epitome of conservative institutions, IDENTITIES offers students a unique insight into the fast-paced world of fashion. Our mission is to introduce students to fashion’s unique ability to understand the fleeting temporality of our time while simultaneously offering a glimpse back to inspirational media of art, culture, materiality, and trends. We aim to push our audience’s perspective on what fashion can be and what it can represent.  IDENTITIES centers around the Leadership of the Arts Award given annually to an active member of the fashion community that, through his or her innovation and ingenuity, has left a significant impact on the way we view clothing. We honor the designer’s understanding of the true impact fashion can have on an individual mode of expression, as well as their contributions to advance the phenomenological understand- ing that lies beyond the fabric. Past recipients include Jen Kao, Anna Sui, and Vera Wang.

Vanessa Li

VANESSA LI is a sophomore concentrator in Visual Environmental Studies. She breathes in the language of photography, and makes images of beautiful people for IDENTITIES as well as the Admissions Office. She also enjoys making pictures of beautiful places during her travels. The colors of the sea and the stars inspire her endlessly. She appreciates listening to music and to people. On Thursdays, she bakes for Lowell Tea, on Sundays she brunches.

Michael Hissey

MICHAEL HISSEY was born and raised on the north shore of Long Island, about an hour away from New York. He is a sophomore Government concentrator pursuing a minor in Economics. He developed an interest in fashion and began cultivating his personal style at a young age, which has led up to his current and continuing passion for the fashion industry. Besides being on the finance board of IDENTITIES, he has spent two summers working at Salvatore Ferragamo, and currently works as a team member for the non-profit organization Boston Foods. His other interests include debate, travel, environmentalism, cooking, and political advocacy.

Birdie Park

Born in South Korea, BIRDIE PARK is interested in the intersection of Asian fashion and Western countries, especially in today’s global world.  She loves to watch Korean dramas in her spare time, mostly as a means to study upcoming fashion trends.  Outside of Identities, she enjoys singing with the Harvard Lowkeys and reading Buzzfeed articles on food.  Her favorite place for a midnight bite is Felipe’s–everything but beans, please!  Her biggest fashion advice?  Wear what makes you feel ~cool~ and NEVER pay full-price!

Thalia Orphee

THALIA ORPHEE is an executive producer and head of finance for IDENTITIES. She is a sophomore in Cabot House who grew up just outside of NYC in New City, New York. Thalia is concentrating in Government with a secondary in Economics. When she’s not reading legal cases or shifting supply and demand curves, Thalia spends her time scrolling through fashion blogs and Instagram accounts for minimalist style inspiration. It’s almost guaranteed that she’s wearing some shade of black and she has a knack for always ordering clothing in the wrong size when online shopping. One of her favorite fashion designers is Alexander Wang. On campus, Thalia is involved in programs at the Institute of Politics, Veritas Financial Group, and serves on the board of the Association of Black Harvard Women. Last year, Thalia was a finance director for the show.

Gussie Conway

GUSSIE CONWAY is a Sophmore who has moved from one glittering concrete jungle, New York City,  to another, Mather House. Though she concentrates in and is enthusiastic about the History of Science, her interests stem far beyond both history and science and include promoting sustainable agriculture, finding bougie workout studios, championing Scandinavian candy, helping her mom understand Instagram, experiencing the Japanese art of omakase, and, of course, celebrating her fondness for all things design. She is beyond excited to be part of IDENTITIES 2016.

Daria Rose

DARIA ROSE is a freshman from Long Island, New York. When she’s not eating pasta, Daria participates in FYSC, IDENTITIES, ABHW and Eleganza. Daria describes her fashion style as Kylie Jenner meets Audrey Hepburn. Her favorite colors are baby pink and olive green, and she loves elephants. If you’re looking for Daria at a party, she can usually be found somewhere near the aux. #DJdar

Claudia Laurie

CLAUDIA LAURIE is a Sophomore in Leverett House studying Economics and History of Art and Architecture. She is originally from Sydney but now identifies as a New Yorker. Claudia dreams of working in business management in the fashion industry. Currently, Claudia is working on a retailing and design project that consists of developing a jacket marketed towards the Harvard community. Inspired by Asian design, Claudia also eventually hopes to bring up-and-coming Beijing designers to the American market. Claudia was a co-director of the women’s fashion segment at last year’s IDENTITIES show and is now the Creative Director and an Executive Producer.

Monika Piascik

MONIKA PIASCIK is a member of the Finance Board and a sophomore in Quincy House. She is concentrating in Government, with a focus on post-Communist democracies and economies. Her interest in the business side of fashion emerged when she observed familiar brands flood into her own post-Communist country. Born in Poland and having lived in Massachusetts for most of her life, she is an advocate of dressing for yourself, not for the weather. On campus, she can be found baking 80 cinnamon rolls for her PAFees or pitching to companies in an effort to become a less approachable Miranda Priestly.

Irene Nicolae

IRENE NICOLAE grew up in Topeka, Kansas, and was that weird kid in school who wore matching shirt/pants sets and was obsessed with early hominid evolution and Moby Dick. Thankfully, she discovered Miu Miu’s Spring 2010 collection while she was surfin’ the ’net, and became spiritually enlightened by the possibility of an aesthetic existence. She currently studies Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology, but her hobbies include trying to define sublimity in Postmodern literature, contemplating the Fluxus movement, and other stuff like that.

Caroline Ashford

CAROLINE ASHFORD is a sophomore concentrating in Government with a secondary history of Art and Architecture. Caroline’s love of fashion, art, and music came from a very young age and over the past three summers she has worked under head-designer Stephanie Von Watzdorf at FIGUE Studio’s in Chelsea, New York City. Additionally, Caroline went to Scratch Academy, a DJ summer program founded by Run-DMC where she got to explore her passion for making and mixing music. On campus, Caroline is on the financial board of the IDENTITIES Fashion show, is part of the Harvard Women’s Lacrosse team and is also a casted dancer/model for this year’s Eleganza Spring Production!

Tyler Frances

TYLER FRANCES is a sophomore concentrating in Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Economics. He hails from sunny San Diego, but has come to love Boston winters and the myriad layering opportunities they afford. A self-confessed cardio addict, Tyler keeps it tight with SoulCycle, green juices, and endless hours on the elliptical. With a pathological fear of pastels and basketball shorts, he can frequently be spotted around campus sporting leather and last night’s flash tats. He is excited to explore his love of fashion by joining the IDENTITIES finance board this year.

Laura Chang

With a perfect view of NYC from her side of the Hudson, LAURA CHANG is a sophomore in Kirkland House who’s bad at pretending like she knows what she’s doing. Being on the lookout for the perfect tea sandwich, bucket-list experiences and hole-in-the-wall restaurants are her jam. You can usually find her trying to escape the Harvard Bubble, roaming somewhere around the Charles, staring at stem cells in lab, or sleeping in public spaces. Monuments will be erected when her closet comes anywhere close to resembling her chic daydreams, but until then, she’ll stick with her florals and summer pastels.

Eunice Michieka

EUNICE MICHIEKA is a first-year student from Johnson City, TN. She currently lives in Apley Court, which she finds convenient because of its easy access to Tasty Burger. She is considering concentrating in Economics or African American studies. Outside of IDENTITIES, she is also a member of the Association of Black Harvard Women. In her spare time, you can find her at sporting events or socializing in Annenberg for the entire duration of dinner in order to avoid doing her psets. She enjoys all aspects of fashion and especially likes to keep up the latest street style through Tumblr and Instagram. Her biggest fashion regret is that David Gandy is already 35 years old.

Cengiz Cemaloglu

CENGIZ CEMALOGLU is a sophomore in Currier House, concentrating in Government and Anthropology, with a secondary in Economics and a citation in Chinese. Having grown up in Baku, Azerbaijan; Istanbul, Turkey; and Hong Kong, Cengiz developed his early interest in fashion through a elementary school project that compared different traditional clothing styles of different countries. With hopes of pursuing simultaneous global careers in the business-side of the creative industry and in politics, Cengiz has worked and consulted for a couple entertainment start-ups in the past few years like Reality Theatre Co., the Collegiate Club, and Mt. Auburn Productions of HSA. Keeping his lifelong devotion of indulging in surreal experiences all around the world; to finish writing his first novel, producing his first EP, and reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged are among Cengiz’s current top priorities.

Magaly Gutierrez

Magaly Gutierrez is a sophomore in Cabot House concentrating in Chemistry with a secondary in Computer Science. In her free time she can be found attempting to work on an art project, taking a walk through Cambridge, or hanging out with her friends while wearing a onesie.  The only thing she loves more than chemistry and chocolate is a nice cup of dark coffee so it is very rare to find her caffeine-free after 9:00 am. As part of the publicity board for Identities, Magaly is in charge of monitoring the official  website so refer to her with any suggestions.